Book Bodyguard Services in the Twin Cities

  • Highly trained bodyguards serving the Twin Cities
  • Expert protection for executives, VIPs, and personal needs
  • Strict standards for accountability and oversight at every level
  • Available for short and long-term assignments

Executive Protection

Unparalleled Security offers discreet bodyguard services for executive personnel, including government officials and politicians, corporate executives, industry leaders, and other high-profile individuals. If you are exposed to personal risk due to your employment status, affiliation, net worth, etc., we’re here to offer the highest level of protection.

Our executive protection services are available for one-time events and long-term contracts in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area.

VIP Bodyguards

The Twin Cities explode with live music, sporting events, and other entertainment options every week, and all that excitement often leads to conflict due to an influx of people out in the streets. All the hustle and bustle can create the ideal environment for criminal activity to blend in and unfortunately, Minneapolis and St. Paul have seen higher rates of violence as of late.

From rising athletes to recording artists, VIPs can feel safe during their time spent in Prince’s hometown by booking our VIP bodyguard services.

Personal Security

Any person who feels a need for personal security should be able to obtain it. When you choose Unparalleled Security, we tailor our bodyguard services to your needs and budget, so you never have to compromise on your safety.

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